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Moving a business is a complex procedure. You need professional relocation assistants who understand the unique challenges of commercial moves and can ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

At The Movers Chicago, we offer comprehensive commercial moving services tailored to your needs and expectations.

One of the main disadvantages of office moving is the loss of productivity in the workspace…

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    We are one of the leading commercial moving companies in Chicago. We offer first-class experience and professionalism when handling our customer’s commercial facilities and goods.

    Whether you are relocating a small office or a large corporate headquarters, we do it all!

    With the highest level of proficiency, we understand the challenges that come with commercial moving. We understand that your business operations must continue.

    Our qualified and competent movers in Chicago would coordinate your moving process with apt precision, a detailed plan, and flawless execution.

    If you’ve been searching for the ‘best commercial movers near me’, well, here we are.

    Book the best commercial moving company today!

    Expert Commercial Moving Services

    Although there are lots of movers in Chicago, but what sets us apart is how we deal with each project. We handle your place like our own.

    We render the following commercial moving solutions to mitigate any relocation issues and ensure a smooth transition.

    Office Moving: If you need to relocate a single office or an entire building, we are well-experienced and have the necessary equipment to handle it. We can move your office records, furniture, cubicles, shelving units, desks, etc., safely to a new location without any damage whatsoever.

    Information Technology (IT) Equipment Moving: We guarantee a smooth and secure relocation of equipment such as servers, computers, desktops, networking devices, and other technology-related assets. Our IT equipment moving services eliminate any form of damage, data loss, and operation downtime that may arise. We equally protect any sensitive data before and during the move.

    Laboratory and Medical Equipment Moving: We also extend our services to businesses in the healthcare industry. If you require the transportation of delicate laboratory equipment, medical devices, or other scientific appliances to a new location, our commercial movers are experts at handling sensitive and expert equipment.

    Industrial & Heavy Equipment Relocation: Our industrial moving services include the disassembly, packing, and installation of various industrial materials such as heavy machinery, power tools, etc.

    Retail Store Moving: If you’re in the retail business and you need help moving your goods, shelves, point-of-sale systems, etc., we offer unique and tailored solutions that promise to fit your needs and expectations.

    Hospitality and Hotel Moving: Moving to an entirely new location is not an easy task. Luckily, our trained personnel understand the intricacies of owning a hospitality business in Chicago and the best way to handle its fragile appliances. This is why we waste no time and avoid any kind of damage when transporting our customer’s facilities.

    These are some of the commercial moving services we offer to help individuals, corporations, and business owners navigate the complex nature of property transition.

    We handle every commercial equipment with utmost care and implore some protective measures to prevent it from any potential hazards. Our team of commercial movers are equally capable of dismantling and reassembling any office equipment.

    Whatever the nature of your business, big or small, bring it to us and let us work our magic.

    We understand the unique challenges associated with relocating specific types of assets and work to ensure a smooth transition for our clients.

    Why Opt for Our Commercial Packing Solutions?

    Our commercial packing services are not only beneficial to you, but also to your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for our services;

    • We are well-skilled and experienced in handling all office assets and ensuring that it is transported securely and efficiently.
    • Our commercial moving services can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.
    • We employ efficient and industry-leading packing techniques to ensure that our clients get exactly what they seek.
    • Don’t miss out on our professional disassembly, packing, and reassembly skills. It’s one of the best in town.
    • Our packing services are cost-effective and valuable. It is definitely worth every penny!
    • Our commercial packing methods are time-tested, reliable, and guaranteed.
    • We maintain transparent communication with our clients throughout the moving process.
    Are you moving your office, business, school, or corporation? Book an appointment with us today and be a part of this seamless experience.

    How To Get Started

    • Schedule a virtual or physical consultation with us to evaluate the property we are to work on.
    • After all necessary evaluations, we will organize a personalized package plan for you.
    • Once you accept/sign your moving quote and submit the required deposit, we will put you on schedule.
    • On the move day, our commercial moving crew will arrive and start the relocation.
    • Don’t forget to inform the utility companies, postal services, staff, and other relevant institutions of the move. Where necessary, cancel any plan and set up the service transfer.
    • Enjoy your new space and let us worry about the hard labor.
    Based on 109 reviews
    Deepak Melwani
    Deepak Melwani
    Amazing service. Clear pricing. Fast. Available when you need them. Respectful. Careful with stuff!
    The best and easiest moving experience! Brian, Julian & Julio were great. I will be using again
    Brian McClain
    Brian McClain
    I don’t normally fill these out but this company was absolutely excellent! David provided great customer service from start to finish and the crew was amazing. Leo, Julian, and Brian worked tirelessly for 13 hours straight. I couldn’t believe it! From the moment Leo stepped out of the truck his charisma and friendly demeanor made us feel very comfortable. They walked through the entire process with us and even stopped at times to help with side things I needed help with. They were very helpful and I’ve never seen a group of guys work harder than this even when I worked in construction. Usually a cheaper price means the service isn’t as good but NOT the case with this company…The price is not only WAY better than most movers but their work ethic was top notch. If you are looking to move do yourself a favor and choose these guys to help you!!
    Sherry Purnell
    Sherry Purnell
    All 3 Movers were Amazing Outstanding extremely hardworking went way and beyond they was very friendly asked questions about what needs to go these are the best Movers we ever I love how the men's organize things also very reliable depending I'm going to let people know about this company and there reasonable I look forward to using these Men's again I know for sure I will be moving again hope these same guy there Awesome!!😊😇😘
    Taneka Taylor
    Taneka Taylor
    Some of the best movers I’ve worked with in Chicago! Brian, Julian and Misael were diligent while moving my Peloton Tread. They dissembled it carefully, moved it to my new place and then re-assembled. I would absolutely recommend them!
    Brian and Julian did an incredible job! They handled all of my item with care in a fast and efficient way. Very nice and polite man I world highly recommend to everyone I know. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother move.The Movers LLC are the best in the business! I will be using them again. You all are incredible!
    Mahogany Smith
    Mahogany Smith
    very professional company will use again.
    Justin Kistler
    Justin Kistler
    Brian, Julián, and Misael from The Movers LLC were very professional, accommodating, hard working, kind, and efficient. I would highly recommend this company and will likely use them again in the future.
    Jim Naz
    Jim Naz
    Excellent in every respect. The crew worked very hard knew what they were doing were a conscientious and followed up perfectly. I can’t write them highly enough I would recommend to anyone considering a move in the city.
    David Kabic
    David Kabic
    Great service! Very professional. Strongly recommend!
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